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Dr. Robert M. Goldman MD, Ph.D, DO, FAASP
Robert Goldman

Dr. Goldman is a pioneer in sports and training medicine who is also an athletic Guiness World Record holder. He established the “United States Sports College” in 1982 and went to found the “American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine” in 1992 with Ronald Kratz MD and is now Chief Director. In 2012, he went on to establish the “International Sports Operation Foundation” and the “International Sports Hall of Fame” with former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Pamela W. Smith  MD, MPH, MS

Dr. Smith is a renowned physician in the fields of anti-aging and functionality medicine. She also has a distinguished reputation as a lecturer. She has made several appearances on American television and radio, and her patient list includes many celebrities. She is currently director of Art and Science at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Smith also helped to establish the fellowship of regenerative and functionality medicine.


Andrew Heyman MD, MHSA
アンドリュー ヘイマン

Dr. Heyman is an internationally recognized specialist in the field of Integrative Medicine. Director of Integrative and Metabolic Medicine at the George Washington University, Dr Heyman holds a number of high profile positions, including online editor for the Journal of Men's Health and President of Integrative Health Resources. He has been featured on the Discovery Channel, Martha Stewart Living Magazine and the Natural Health Magazine among many others.


Jun Matsuyama MD, ph.D
松山 淳

As one of the pioneers of Japanese anti-aging medicine, Dr. Jun Matsuyama has dedicated the last 20 years of his practice as an anti-aging specialist. Currently the chairman of World Academy of Advanced Integrated Medicine (WAAIM) Japan, Dr. Matsuyama will be the chief organizer of the 2019 A4M Japan conference. His specialty is not only age control medicine but also experts of advanced integrated cancer medicine.



Keynote Lecture (Grand Chairman)

Robert Goldman MD,Ph.D,DO,FAASP

“Anti-aging Medicine/Sports Medicine”


A4M Special Lecture

Pamela W. Smith MD,MPH,MS

“Women's BHRT”

アンドリュー ヘイマン

A4M Special Lecture

Andrew Heyman MD,MHSA

“Diet & Anti-aging” “Guit, Stress & Brain Connection”
“Anti-aging & Peptide Therapy”
“Neuro-Gastroenterology Cases:”

松山 淳

Exective Committee Chairman Lecture

Jun Matsuyama MD,Ph.D

“History of Anti-aging Medecine in Japan”

柳澤 厚生

Exective Committee Member Lecture

Atsuo Yanagisawa MD,Ph.D

“Up to Date Orthomolecular”
“High Dose Vitamin C for Canser Treatment and Anti-aging”

上符 正志

Exective Committee Member Lecture

Masashi Uwabu MD,Ph.D

“Clinical Use of DHEA/Mealtonin”

藤森 徹也

Exective Committee Member Lecture

Tetsuya Fujimori MD,MPH

“Growth Hormone/Thyroid Hormone”

森永 宏喜

Exective Committee Member Lecture

Hiroki Morinaga DDS,ABAAHP

“Oral Environment Detox and Anti-aging”

松尾 通

Special Lecture

Toru Matsuo DDS,Ph.D

“Dental Anti-aging”

熊本 悦明

Special Lecture

Yoshiaki Kumakoto MD,Ph.D

“Male Hormone and Longevity”

辻 直樹

Special Lecture

Naoki Tsuji MD,Ph.D

“Clinical Hydrogen Medicine Ⅳ Therapy, Injection, Oral use of Hydrogen”


Special Lecture

Terry Shintani MD,MPH

“Nutritional Approach to Better Life”


Special Lecture

Robert Peterson MD

“Facial and Anti-aging Cosmetic Surgery”

姫野 友美

Special Lecture

Tomomi Himeno MD

“Medical and Nutritional Method for Women's Health”


Special Lecture

Lim Jong-Hak MD

“Rejuvenation Therapy for Asians”

加藤 哲

Dental session-1

Satoru Kato DDS

“Oral Environment Detox and Anti-aging”

早川 基樹

Dental Session-2

Motoki Hayakawa DDS

“Oral Environment Detox and Anti-aging”

伊達 友美

Dental Session-3

Yumi Date RD

“Oral Environment Detox and Anti-aging”

飯塚 浩

Special Lecture

Hiroshi Iizuka MD

“Clinical Use of Cannabinoid”

末武 信宏

Special Lecture

Nobuhiro Suetake MD

“Application of Sports Medicine to Anti-aging”

石川 貴大

Special Lecture

Takahiro Ishikawa MPH

“Current Status and Future Prospects of Gene Therapy”

田原 栄俊

Special Lecture

Hidetoshi Tahara MD,Ph.D,MS

“Disease Caused by Asing and Telemere Inspection”

木村 一相

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Isso Kimura DDS,Ph.D

“Quick Start Guide to the Most advanced Detox Protocol-Liposomal delivery system-& Fast and Effective “Brand New” Ketogenic Diet.

中村 泰士

Special Stage

Yasushi Nakamura
Conposer & Singer

“Benefit of Anti-aging and Responsibility”

一色 由美子

Special Stage

Yumiko Issiki
Image Consultant

“A Self-production Technique That Starts Tommorow”

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